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the brothersp

Meet the BrothersP! We are Gary and Mike Petrin. We’re just a couple of brothers that like to have fun creating music and videos. Life has been more than interesting for us. When we tell a story from our past the first response we usually get is “there’s no way that happened!” We contemplated writing a bio about our experiences but we really don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about what we went through.

We grew up in a very non-politically correct time. The 1970’s was an exciting time to be a kid. When you went out with your friends your mother made sure you had a quarter in your pocket so you could make a phone call in case of emergency. If you came home past curfew you were expecting to get a beating. Whether you were 5 minutes or an hour late. So we always made each beating count. We never were 5 minutes late, always more than an hour.

the brothersp

After High School we went our separate ways for a while but ended up getting back together and starting a rock band. We took the band on the road for a few years. The adventures from the road are a whole different conversation of unbelievable stories.

the brothersp

So Gary had the bright idea to animate a few stories to see what that would look like. And MEET THE DYSFUNCTIONALS was born. Ok so obviously we never recorded all our conversations back then so we do not have actual records (we only had cassettes and 8-tracks so the quality sucked anyways). But these stories are pretty freakin’ close.

Comedy has always been a great escape during hard times. Shining a comedic light while retelling certain experiences makes it a lot easier to share them.

We hope you enjoy them.

Gary and Mike Petrin

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Our most current project is MTD the Movie – a Full Length Animated Video – More info Here!


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