Here are just a few of our past Series Videos!  This small sample of videos were created during the testing and experimental phase of the MTD project.  

(All Edited)


“Shake it, Don’t Break it”


“Star Wars PPAP Style”


Meet the Dysfunctionals – Series Trailer

We will add more of our past series videos in the coming months so check back often.  

And now we are working on a Meet the Dysfunctionals full length movie. MTD the Movie is about a family of dysfunctionals. It is based on true events from our child hood growing up in Miami with our Mom and Step Dad. The process is a long and tedious one. Writing a great script takes a very long time, and creating the sets is extremely time consuming. We are striving to make our movie as entertaining as possible.  Check out the rest of the story Here!

series videos


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series videos

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