Well folks, the short videos that we uploaded to YouTube over the last couple of years were pretty much us just getting used to the animation software and testing character development. The decision was made that we would change our direction and focus on making a full length feature movie. We are very excited about this new project. The downside is that writing a great script is extremely time consuming. We just don’t want to throw something out there that we feel is funny – we want to make this movie really funny and entertaining to watch. The script is taking up a lot of time, but we do have the majority of the sets figured out. Building the sets is also very time consuming and should be completed by January (or sooner). We will be sharing lots of information over the coming months so keep an eye out for it. The movie is still being based on True Events that we have experienced in our past (with a few other ideas thrown in for additional comedic value). Stay tuned, more to come…


This is the set design for intro (under construction).

This is the set design for Marty’s Classroom (still under construction also).

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