Marty is your typical young kid who lives in a dysfunctional household. He’s totally oblivious as to what he is actually experiencing. He enjoys being around people, annoying his older brother, playing guitar, farting, and did we say annoying his older brother? Marty loves to experiment with music and is learning to play the guitar. He comes up with the strangest sayings and says the most outrageous things. Check out the Meet Marty clip below.


Have you met Marty’s older brother Mick yet? Mick thinks being a teenager in the 70’s is awesome unless you have Dick for a stepfather. When you’re a teenager you are naturally rebellious, add Dick to the mix and it goes way beyond that. Mick wants out of the house, yesterday. But until he gets to leave he has to survive and take whatever crap Dick dishes out. That means putting up with annoying, farting brother as well. Check out this short clip and Meet Mick!

meet marty


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