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Mick's 1st Post - Meet the Dysfunctionals

Mick’s 1st Post

Mick’s 1st Post

So I was asked to write a post. Not sure what that is or means, but they said just write a short paragraph about what interests you. I guess it’s like a diary or something?

So here goes.

There’s only one thing I am interested in right now. Getting the F%$& out of this house. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to stay at home after High School. It’s so messed up living at home. It’s like a different world in this house than on the outside. It’s like my family are F&*%ing aliens or something? I don’t understand them and they sure as hell don’t get me.

When you’re family is this crazy you start thinking two things:

1. What the hell did I do to deserve this shit?    and    2. Am I as messed up as they are?

Thank God for pot. It may not be the answer to my problems, but it sure feels like it is right now.

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