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Marty - What I Like - Meet the Dysfunctionals

Marty – What I Like

Marty – What I Like

So the BrothersP (actually Mike the shorter, uglier one) asked me to write a post about what I like. I said “what’s a post” he said “think of it as just writing a paragraph, its almost the same thing.” So I said “why didn’t you just say can you write a paragraph?” Anyway, I think both those Brothers Pee Pee guys are stupid like Mick.

So here’s what I like – I like hamburgers, french fries, kool aid, batman, when Mick gets in trouble, the Osmonds (they are so cool), the Monkees (even though they don’t look like monkeys), rocket ships, star trek, the magazines under Mick’s pillow (I now know what a boobie is so I like them too), when I don’t wet the bed, when I wet the bed, Pink Panther flakes and Sir Grapefellow cereal, a girl at my school, playing guitar, picking my nose (Mick tells everyone that I pick my nose and eat it, but I only did that a few times and it wasn’t as bad as everyone says it is), but most of all I really, really like to fart and burp – it’s what I like to do the best!  Smell ya Later!

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