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Marty – What I Like

Marty – What I Like So the BrothersP (actually Mike the shorter, uglier one) asked me to write a post about what I like. I said “what’s a post” he said “think

Mick’s 1st Post

Mick’s 1st Post So I was asked to write a post. Not sure what that is or means, but they said just write a short paragraph about what interests you. I guess

Annie’s 1st Post

Annie’s 1st Post Dear Post,  I cannot believe these friggin kids! We bust our ass to give them a good life and all we get is a hard time. I don’t know

Dick’s Post

So I need to write something? About what? I don’t know, and these two pricks don’t know either. Just write something? I got something, F&%$ YOU! How’s that? That’s something.

Meet the Dysfunctionals Family

Meet the Dysfunctionals Family This is the family of dysfunctionals that we (Gary and Mike Petrin – The BrothersP) are making an animated series about. It is based on true events from our child

Making of the MTD Trailer

Making of the MTD Trailer We had a great time with making of the MTD trailer (our newest project – Meet the Dysfunctionals). Just for the heck of it I would bug